Dungeon Defenders Eternity is the definitive version of the hit tower defense action RPG! Slice, shoot and pulverize your enemies, or build defenses to do the dirty work for you. Grab three friends and build a team of heroes from twelve different classes, each with their own defenses and abilities. Then return to Etheria to replay the best missions from the original with a host of new features and content!

Eternity has been rebuilt from the ground up to test an alpha version of playverse, the server technology that will host Dungeon Defenders II. We hope you enjoy revisiting Etheria!

No more hacking! Now that Eternity runs on playverse's secure dedicated servers, other Defenders can no longer cheat their way to the top

Our young heroes have an entirely redesigned loot system that fixes major issues from the first game, giving them a fairer fight against the Old Ones’ rebalanced army!

Take your heroes with you on the go! Download the Android version for Nvidia Tegra from playverse at launch and defend Etheria from anywhere! Stay tuned for an expanded launch and iPhone/iPad versions later this year!


    Find eggs and hatch unique pets, then activate their new offensive abilities in battle!


    Show off your hard-earned loot and make other players green with envy!


    Craft unique armor from blueprints around Etheria and imbue them with gems to improve their stats!


    Use the new Dodge system to avoid enemies and quickly get around the map!


    Boost your defenses or blow enemies away with grenades, bombs and more!


    Use amulets, potions, and other items in-map and put them all to use on the fly!


    Equip amulets to your active inventory and access extra abilitiesspells to push back the hordes and buff your defenses!


    Challenge your skills in the true Hardcore mode with permadeath to find the rarest gear!

Introducing fun new Steam features to enhance your Dungeon Defenders Eternity experience!

Enjoy all kinds of new opportunities to interact with fellow players who love the game just as much as you do!

- EARN cards and badges!

- TRADE items in your inventory!

- BUY & SELL on the Marketplace!

- CREATE in the Workshop and earn real money!

Check out the Tavern’s new Hall of Triumph, where you will unlock unique items, titles and pets to gear up for Dungeon Defenders II! Then travel to Embermount Volcano for a fiery new mission and storyline, continuing your journey to the next wave of Dungeon Defenders!