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DunDef Digest 11/15/2011

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

O-A Dungeon Lovers!


Something incredible is happening and it is ALL thanks to you, our fans! We knew this community would do great things, but never realized how rapidly you guys would take action.

- I first want to bring your attention the Defenders Store, a web interface to post your Items for for sale (Mana). Novus… Wow! We can not even begin to tell you how impressed we are (and a little jealous we didn’t do it first). You have won the official support of Trendy. I want to make it clear to all you guys out there that this site is not created, developed, or maintained by Trendy. This is 100% fanpower and has great potential. Just take a look at these incoming Features:

  • DunDefCalc: Will join Oolius and his team to work on something bigger!
  • Upgradable items: See how good are your items fully upgraded!
  • Item compendium: A reference to the best possible stats for each items
  • Item comparator: Compare 2 items to help you choose the best one
  • Talent calculator: Create talent trees templates and see how it affects your hero and defenses DPS!

If you ever want quick access to the store just look UP! To help bring you the Quan we put a pleasant button to the Defenders Store for your convenience.

- We also wanted to thank for the nice shout out about the DDDK!

- Now to continue our YOU appreciation: USER MADE MAPS!

  • Hall of Deathmatch! Well a very squarish hall.. But square halls are proven to be the best for a good Deathmatch! It’s simple science.
  • And for PvE fans, check out this lava lake of a map called 4 Ways.

- If you guys are looking for information on How To Mod, remember to check out the DunDef Dev Kit Master Tutorial List. We added on the AMAZING guides by Cr4zy and can’t wait to add more!

7.10 is coming up! We hope you are enjoying the new First Person View added in 7.09, because 7.10 improves it! Here’s a quick few notes about 7.10:

  • PvE: Big overhaul to the item generation system: item drops (chests and mobs) are now scaled differently based on difficulty and wave number, capable of exceeding their previous limits, so that on the highest waves on the toughest difficulties, you’re going to get items that can even beat out the challenge/boss rewards! (rarity of course still comes into play)
  • All: Raised Mana Bank to 50,000,000 to better suit the higher-quality items which can now be acquired
  • All: Enabled “Valve Anti Cheat” system, finally finally finally! Took a while to work through how to move to a Game-server driven system. This also enables the “Steam Users Played With” functionality! Do Not Cheat! Do Not Use External Software to Cheat! We fully support modding but do not promote straight cheating. Even if you are cheating in our Open mode, it is still cheating and you can still be banned.
  • All: Retroactive Chicken Upgrade — Chickens now have a minimum of 45 Upgrade Levels and a Minimum Damage

- I know what your thinking: You had me at O-A… But of course, we have to give you a little more goodness to digest, a little preview of one of the four new Hero variants:

  • “The Ranger hails from the wood elfs’ traditional home near the great forest of Mistymire. Unlike his nimble female counterpart, the Ranger’s hardier constitution enable him to take more of a bruising, at a trade-off in movement speed. Additionally, his unique Hero Abilities make him a powerful ally to have in your travelling party!”

Now get back on those Mod Tools and show me the mana!

DunDef Digest 11/8/2011

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

DunDef Digest


O-A Dungeon Lovers!

It’s a big week for Free stuff and highly anticipated Patching!

- But before we get to that. How about the GamePro review! It seems your comments were heard and another member of their permanent staff loves DunDef. GamePro has officially released a NEW REVIEW… and what do you know: 4.5/5.

7.08 will arrive this Thursday! You guys have shown your excitement and we are glad to deliver. Not only have we addressed issues like the feared low roll Chicken and the horrid Return to Tavern issues along with continued balance (based on your suggestions), but we are also proud to include two more exciting features ( and I get to use bullet points for the first time!)


  • Dungeon Defenders Development Kit: We know you have been itching to see what the modding community can bring. Everyone will now have the golden ticket to enjoy Open mode’s pure imagination and innovation. It’s full access to nearly whatever you wanna do! I know many have already made plans and some are just waiting to see what they can learn, but we anticipate this to be one of the best modding communities out there. You can even completely create a new game from its source code up if you’re so inclined.


  • CTF PvP Pre-Alpha Pass: That’s right! Gather your Heroes and join your allies in helping create a true 16-player DunDef PvP experience! We are stoked to hear your thoughts and suggestions so we can evolve this into a beast of it’s own.

- Console Lovers! Don’t forget about this weeks PS3 and Xbox 360 Event! Many will enter, few will succeed.

- Wait a spec… There’s a Holiday in November? We freakin’ LOVE Holidays!

Prepare yourselves… for the Great Turkey Hunt! (Boss included)


And if I don’t see ya: good afternoon, good evening, and good night!

DunDef Digest #2

Friday, November 4th, 2011

O-A Dungeon Lovers!


Welcome back to another DunDef Digest.

PSNStores did a Podcast with guest stars from the Trendy family: Phillip Asher and Tsuda (Marc Singer).

- We also noticed a very… interesting build for summit. Fridge, your build is awful, but with Magic Blockades at 4k health I’m sure you did great!

- To all our mobile users: Dungeon Defenders Second Wave is live for iOS! It’s the App of the Week!

- We had a GREAT showing for tonight’s Console Event on 360. Can’t wait to see you guys on PSN tomorrow! We are also stoked to see you guys on some of the future challenges… I’m quite proud of my weapon rewards. You know their good because they have the TeamSODA mark.

- PC Modding Tools are coming SOON! Don’t worry, It’s Soda Soon.

- The only thing better than a Rick Roll is Phillip J Fry. Your trickster title had me afraid. Fool me once Captain! Never again!

- We also had this beautiful illustration of the Dark Elf Warrior. Thank you Cilione.

See you on the Battlefield,

DunDef Digest 11/2/2011

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011


O-A Dungeon Lovers!

Welcome to the first of many DunDef Digest.

- You may or my not have noticed but we finally got our review from IGN. We appreciate all the great comments you guys have been leaving on there for us! I think you may have even convinced a few other commentors on joining you in Etheria!

- Helloooo Wiki! Two of our most popular spots on the net are the Wiki’s. If you guys ever want to jump in there and add some tips and tricks to benefit the masses, it is always encouraged. As our Mobile fans know (shout out to Finally, LtEarth, Jetah, Junbao, Classic, and others who I can’t remember off the top of my head) the wiki can be a brilliant place with more knowledge than any noop can ever fathom. And it gives everyone a simple place to point to when all those noopster questions flood in. Check em out: Wikia and IGN Wiki

We are also willing to add in some player unique weapons to the game designed after those that help the most with these wiki’s!

New Patch! 7.07 is up. We have done a few alterations based on your suggestions and think we have a solid build. We love hearing back from you guys (especially when it’s well written) so never feel like you can’t jump in our Suggestions Section and let us know what you think. We may not be able to respond to everyone, but we do listen… read.

- Halloween DLC is now available on Open!

Console Events! Well console fans, we kept saying we had something in store for you as well. We of course have the upcoming DLC for you to enjoy, but in the mean time check out our incredibly interesting Events with you’ve-never-seen-the-likes-of-this-in-game rewards!

On the Wallpaper side of things… It looks like a certain Community Manager never posted our Squire Wallpaper on the forums… But have no fear! I have punished myself and now present to you:

This is another amazing creation from the mind of Danny Araya.

Thanks for all the Patience, Support, and Enjoyment guys!

Until the next Digest,

Dungeon Defenders Pre-Order on Steam

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

Dungeon Defenders is now Officially available for Pre-Order on Steam:

Check out the other Pre-Order sites and bonuses Here

DunDef hits PSN America Oct 18th

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Word is official and Dungeon Defenders will be released on PSN in America on Oct 18th!!

As we receive news from the UK branch we will let you know!

Also, Here’s our latest Dev Diary: Combat Phase

New Monk Trailer

Monday, September 26th, 2011

Take a look at our all new Monk Trailer!

And for those of you looking for more Danny Araya Dungeon Defenders Art:

Dungeon Defenders: Dev Diary #2

Monday, September 19th, 2011

Take a look at our second Dev Diary with Marc Singer (Producer), Joshua Javaheri (Lead Technical Artist), & Rodrigo Lizarraga (Multimedia Designer) for a quick look at the Build Phase!

Dungeon Defenders: Dev Diary #1

Monday, September 12th, 2011

Check out our first dev diary with lead producer Marc Singer (Producer) for an in-depth look at Dungeon Defenders gameplay!

Also, here is some amazing Dungeon Defenders art from Danny Araya:

Dungeon Defenders Submitted to Microsoft

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Today we’ve checked off a major milestone for Dungeon Defenders, the XBLA version of the game has finally been submitted to Microsoft.  Our Xbox publisher finished their final QA on the Xbox build of the game and submitted it. This is a huge step forward in getting the console/PC version of the game in your hands. In celebration of this milestone we’d like to share this awesome wallpaper with all of you: