Community Member of the Week: Mischief

In this week’s Community Member of the Week, we chose “Mischief” for his dedication to Dungeon Defenders, his Mario Kart Wii skillz and OGRE MINIONS!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name’s Michael, I’ll be 19 come this Thursday, and I’ve been playing games ever since my dad came home with an N64 and Banjo-Kazooie when I was 5.

What’s the story behind your name?

Not much of a story, really. It was my first Internet alias. I chose it about 8 years ago when I first started playing Final Fantasy XI. After that, the name just kinda stuck through all these years.

How long have you played Dungeon Defenders?

Since December 2011 when I first tried out the demo version. I actually started on Open, and only swapped over to Ranked around August 2012 or so.

How did you find out about the game?

Two friends of mine found the game and it sounded good to them, so they roped me into it. Ironically, they both quit a long time ago (I think a few weeks before Moraggo came out), while I’m still here.

What was your first impression of the game?

I first tried the demo version. Foundries and Forges, medium, solo, level 1 Apprentice. Somehow I managed to completely miss all the chests…needless to say that did not go well. I did get to the last wave, though! The next day, I joined up with my two friends in the real game and had a blast going through the campaign.

What’s your favorite memory from Dungeon Defenders?

Defeating the Old One solo on Nightmare the first time, which also got me Ultimate Defender, a week after Crystalline Dimension came out. A close second was legitimately soloing The Greater Turkey Hunt on NMHC without using the infamous Barb Towers.

Who is your favorite hero in the game and why?

Monk. Was my first real DPS hero and always my one of choice for the difficult maps.

What’s your favorite map?

Crystalline Dimension. I still remember it on launch, defeating Sky City my first try and then getting stomped as soon as I tried the first wave of CD. Was a blast (though frustrating at times) figuring out how to get past the first map, then the second, then spending a week on the third (finally trying Ogre Minions to great effect) before clearing the fourth and finally the Old One.

Have you ever been this involved with another video game?

Final Fantasy XI. I’ve been playing it for about 8 years pretty solidly (taking several month breaks inbetween), and I don’t see me quitting that game anytime soon. At one point I was also in the top-ranked team in the world in Mario Kart Wii, though I stopped that about a year ago.

How did you get involved in hosting the PC events?

My friends Keenjammin, Daniel Sound, and Commish all became event hosts first, and after one of the old hosts got removed for inactivity (I don’t remember which) I got asked to be an event host. I think the first map I hosted was Realm of POLYBIUS Part 1.

How did you get involved in creating maps with the DDDK?

I remember downloading it a long time ago (I don’t remember exactly when), but I didn’t seriously start working with it until about September – October. Around that point, me, Keenjammin, and Commish had pretty much done everything there was to do, so I was making mods such as Sadistic & Truly Sadistic Old One to keep us entertained.

How was it like working on the Returnia Shards Maps?

I actually had to create a custom game type in order to get the Assault part at the beginning to work (and then ANOTHER to get Aquanos to work…but you’ll see that this weekend). If your DDDK explodes trying to load one of the maps, that would be why. It was fun taking the unique quirks of each map and implementing them in different ways, like you’ve seen with the Mistymire random Queens and the Moraggo invincible King. The next events will continue this trend…

Do you have any other hobbies?

Slacking off on homework. I like to read a fair amount. Being a major in Computer Science, I also like learning more about the field of programming and other computer-related things.

What other games do you like playing?

I’m a fan of certain RTS games, like the Age of Empires series (and the spin-off Age of Mythology). Aside from that, I enjoy the Final Fantasy series and the Zelda series, among several others.

Do you have any advice for newer players?

Don’t rush straight to Nightmare. Enjoy the original campaign on the lower difficulties, preferably with other people for maximum enjoyment. Also, regardless of where you are progression-wise…make use of Ogre Minions. They’re nigh-unkillable if you use them right.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

OGRE MINIONS! Ahem…DD is definitely one of my favorite games of all time, and the community is one of the best around (yes, if you don’t believe me, most game communities are far worse). I hope people have fun with the upcoming Returnia Shards events, which are going to test you in new ways…

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