Community Member of the Week: Wesley “Wes1180″ Noble

In this week’s Community Member of the Week, we chose Wesley “Wes1180″ Noble for his dedication to Dungeon Defenders and for making amazing fun filled maps!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Well I am 18, I live in England and I am currently studying games programming at the university. I’ve been playing games ever since I was a kid, watching my dad play CTF Face on Unreal Tournament.

What’s the story behind your name/nickname?

I don’t actually remember why I used Wes1180, but it’s been what I use for as long as I remember. If I were to guess it would probably be something boring like I tried registering on a site, but just my name by itself was taken and it suggested adding those random numbers on the end and it just stuck with me since.

How long have you played Dungeon Defenders?

I played the demo that was made for the make something unreal contest a couple years ago, and when I found out it was actually becoming a game I was thrilled and pre-ordered, so far I have 945 hours clocked on DD.

How did you find out about the game?

I was downloading the UDK and saw the Dungeon Defense demo linked on the UDK site. I played it a bit then after a few months a friend mentioned it to me and how there was going to be a bunch more things, like the heroes and I was sold.

What was your first impression of the game?

Me and a friend both played at the same time and I loved mixing and matching the different heroes’ towers.

What’s your favorite memory from Dungeon Defenders?

I’d say it is definitely when we first managed to beat the Demon Lord after so many failed attempts, we were so close to losing but just happened to just barely kill it.

Who is your favorite hero in the game and why?

My favored hero has to be the Apprentice even though he’s probably not quite as useful on nightmare difficulty, as I’ve always loved playing as wizard types in any game I play.

What’s your favorite map?

That is going to be either Ramparts, Alch Labs or maybe Magus Quarters, which funny enough was the map that was in the demo made for make something unreal.

I hear you have also made maps, which ones?

I’ve made five maps for dungeon defenders, The Manor, Pallet Town, Viridian City, Dynamic Level and Yar Har Fiddle De Dee. My favorites of which are The Manor for visuals but Yar Har for gameplay.

How did you come up with all the different ideas?

I’m actually really bad at coming up with ideas for a map, I made the manor when I wanted a mix of inside and out. Pallet Town was created when I saw a 3d version of the original Pallet Town and thought it would be a novel map to play. Dynamic Level was just meant to be a proof of concept for the moving platforms. Yar Har is just a pirate ship. ;P

Do you plan on making more?

Possibly, I’m a bit busy with University, but I have a couple ideas that I might do sometime. Making and assault version of Yar Har as an example.

Have you ever been this involved with another video game?

I’ve always enjoyed making maps, but I haven’t ever gotten this involved with a game before, since it all moved to the steam workshop it became easier for me to make maps and see what the problems are, and what the general opinions on them are.

Do you have any other hobbies?

I enjoy creating maps and general 3d modelling, as well as playing games and I very much enjoy watching tv shows like Community or Arrested Development.

What other games do you like playing?

Right now I am playing League of Legends, and The Walking Dead, but I enjoy a large variety of games, like FTL, Castle Crashers, XCOM and Spy Party.

Do you have any advice for newer players?

I’d suggest that you get a few people together for to play with, that you can level with together. Try to not skip the content as going from 0-74 through the campaign on normal and struggling was a large amount of fun for me. I find it much more fun to play with friends rather than by myself.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Just want to say thanks to all the guys on the forums for being such a big help with any problems that I have had, to Jeremy for also being super helpful, and to Laura, Ice and Hitmonchan for making the Trendy Friday Fun streams.

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