DunDef Digest 11/21/12

We have a lot to be thankful for here at Trendy Entertainment.

We’re thankful for the Fridge Gods filling our stomachs with delicious high fructose corn syrup and Red No. 40. We’re thankful for the roof above our heads, which only caves in every other month. We’re thankful for the free back rubs from the personal in-house masseuse who…wait a minute. We don’t have a personal masseuse. This is an outrage! I demand free back rubs. I have needs, Trendy. Needs.

But most of all, we’re thankful for you, the fans, for keeping us in check, delivering honest feedback and supporting us so that we can continue to do what we love most: making games.

To celebrate this time of thanks, we’ve released a free Thanksgiving Steam DLC. The Greater Turkey Hunt is a multiplayer map for level 100 heroes, so bring a few mighty friends along for the ride. The Greater Turkey Hunt will be free for two weeks. To guarantee hours of turkey slaughter long after the free period is over, head to the DLC Steam page and click Install Game. It’s that easy.

This DLC pack includes:

  • New Mission: The Greater Turkey Hunt!
  • New Holiday Themed Accessories & Crystal Core
  • New Achievements

  • As we mentioned last week, Akatiti will be added to Ranked. What we didn’t share was that our second-place winner, Tower Wars, will be added, too! Our tentative release window is the first week of December, but keep an eye on future Digests for updates to that release time.

    Did you hear? Dungeon Defenders is free for PlayStation Plus users. If you have a PlayStation Plus membership, you can download the full original game and play it to your heart’s content. This deal lasts until March 26. That’s plenty of time to loot gear, shoot mobs and defend Etheria! Go tell your friends to get the game, and then let them know about our Trendy Console XP events. Yep, we’re hosting another XP event for both the 360 and the PS3. You’ll find more details below.

    No updates yet on the PSN EU DLC and patch or on Second Wave for the Google Play Store.

    Trendy Console XP Events

    It’s the return of the wacky modifier in our next Console XP Event. Participants will receive 50 million XP! Plus, you’ll get one-on-one time with members of the community team. Have a burning question you’ve always wanted to ask? Send it straight to the team.

    Like last time, we’re splitting the 360 and PS3 days to invite as many people as we can. Our PS3 console day will be Nov. 29, and our 360 day will be Dec. 6.

    But we’re missing a key detail: What will the modifier be? Why, clever eagle-eyed reader, that’s for you to decide! Head to this thread to suggest a crazy modifier for our next event. We’ll take our favorites and put them up to a vote.

    Signing up does not guarantee entry. We’ll randomize entrants and post the final list on this Google Doc the day before the respective console.

    We’ll announce the times of the event as we get closer to the event day.

    Ready to sign up for the event? Head here to sign up for the PS3 and here to sign up for the 360.

    Ask Us Anything with Jeremy Stieglitz

    Have a question for the team? Want to know about something in the game or what popular game show themes are our favorites? Ask away in our Ask Us Anything thread! The thread will close on Monday, and answers will be posted in next week’s Digest.

    Will Kayd’s awesome hat ever be implemented into DD? – Dredd

    Jeremy: That’s up to Kayd. We’ll ask him!

    Is there any chance of Dungeon Defenders or any future title being ported to Wii U? – Alhanalem

    Jeremy: Never say never…

    Can more detailed graphic options be released? Espicially tailored to extremely low end or high end computers? – Garzhod

    Jeremy: I think users can distribute INI settings via the Tech Support Forum/FAQ, which can enable you to tweak the many INI-driven graphic options to your specific machine’s capabilities.

    What have you learned from watching the in-game economy evolve and what kind of ideas or concepts have you thought of that you think would be a great addition or change to this part of the eco system? – brixel

    Jeremy: Systems for player vs player out-of-game trading, better loot value scaling and total security of gameplay are various key aspects going forward.

    Fall being the biggest season for games – what do you think of the AAA releases? Examples include but are not limited to: Halo 4, Assassins Creed, COD, Resi Evil, Borderlands and XCom. – Sonos

    Jeremy: Resident Evil was disappointing and needs to return to its roots, Halo 4 is beautiful but kinda feels to me like one big fetch/delivery quest, and haven’t played Assassin’s Creed 3 yet but looking forward to doing so. I think they’re are not enough “historical” action games like AC, ya know!

    Creations of the Week

    Here are this week’s 10 billion mana winners! If you have an amazing video or screenshot, upload it to Steam. If you have a piece of fan art or another Dungeon Defenders creation, send it to contest@trendyent.com. Each week, we’ll choose five lucky winners and display them here in our Digest.

    Courtesy of Commish

    Courtesy of noobsforlife

    Courtesy of bigcakefr

    Courtesy of DeVIlKiD

    Courtesy of Mischiefz

    Previously on Dungeon Defenders

    Meet the Trendy Team: Abraham Abdala — In this week’s Meet the Trendy Team, I spoke with Abraham Abdala about his daily life as a character rigger/technical artist, how he arrived at Trendy and what advice he would give to those on the outside looking in.

    Code Drop Tuesday: 11/20/12 — Be sure to follow our Twitter account for code drops every Tuesday!

    Dungeon Defenders Free for PlayStation Plus Users — Good news, PlayStation Plus users! Dungeon Defenders is free if you have a PlayStation Plus membership. This deal starts today and lasts until March 26. That’s plenty of time to loot gear, shoot mobs and defend Etheria!

    Dungeon Defenders on Sale at Amazon and Mac App Store — Haven’t picked up a copy of Dungeon Defenders? You can get the Steam version of the game on Amazon for $2.99 — that’s 80 percent off! This Steam code will work on PC and the Mac. If you’d rather play on Game Center, you can buy a copy on the Mac App Store for $3.99. Get ‘em while they’re hot!

    Community Member of the Week: Gashen-Sai — In this week’s Community Member of the Week, we selected Gashen-Sai for his dedication to events and for his impeccable beard growth.

    Trendy Friday Fun Canceled This Week — Tears were shed when we had to cancel last week’s Trendy Friday Fun. I don’t like canceling them. I look forward to them each week.

    Weekly Workshop: Forgotten Graveyard — Step into this spooky map and defend the crystals until you take your last breath. Once you enter the graveyard, you can feel the souls of the forgotten crying for help. Intruders have stormed their territory. Ogres and all sorts of enemies are determined to keep the dead from resting in peace…

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    Monday: Community Member of the Week, PS3 Console Event Reminder Post

    Tuesday: Meet the Trendy Team, Code Drop Tuesday

    The Trendy team will be enjoying Thanksgiving away from the office. We’re making the annual trek back home to spend time with our families and hometown friends. That means customer support and technical support will be away until Monday. Trendy Friday Fun will not happen this week, but it will happen next Friday.

    Stay safe this weekend.

    Until next time,

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