DunDef Digest 2/27/13

Trendy loves to celebrate birthdays. I think it might be the promise of cake or the promise of ice cream cake, but we get in a festive mood. February may be the shortest month in the year, but it was full of sugary birthday goodness and a strong desire to break some hearts. I personally think I look just as good in a top hat as I do stuffing my face with cake.

As I look forward into March, taking note of how convenient it is to sit right across from a giant calender, I smile at all the Trendy goodness we have in store for you guys. The winds of change are coming. Spring is around the corner. The days of frigid 60 degree weather are almost over. We can only hope you like what we have in store for you, and if you don’t, I’m blaming it on Punxsutawney Phil not seeing his shadow this year. But for now, I’ll finish up the month in style with our…

Dungeon Defenders February Community XP Event for 360

Last week’s PS3 community event was a rousing success. We’re looking forward to what the 360 community has in store. We’ll be playing Low Gravity in the Alchemical Laboratory tomorrow, Feb. 28. The repairmen are almost done fixing the Grav-o-tron 3000, so we only have a limited amount of time before these labs return to normal gravity.

The event will run from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. EST. The sign-up thread is closed, but you can find the list of participants in this Google Doc.

All participants will receive 50 million XP! Plus, you’ll get one-on-one time with members of the community team. Have a burning question you’ve always wanted to ask? Ask us at the event. If you don’t have a question, feel free to talk or sing about anything. We have more fun when we know that you guys are having a blast.

Signing up does not guarantee entry. Hope to see you guys there!

Dungeon Defenders Map Contest Results

Last week, we asked if you wanted another Dungeon Defenders Map Contest. The people voted in our official poll, and the results are in.

A whopping 97% of you guys voted yes and would like to see us do another Map Contest.

You guys asked and we shall deliver. Of course, here at Trendy, we like to make things bigger, better and less explode-y. We plan on making some changes to the rules and rewards. This means we won’t officially begin the contest until later, but not too much later.

Creations of the Week

Here are this week’s Dungeon Defenders Steam code winners! Winners, we’ll be in touch, but it would really help us A LOT if you would just email us with a link to your Steam profile page. Want to win a Dungeon Defenders Steam code of your choice? Send your amazing videos, screenshots, fan art and other Dungeon Defenders creations to contest@trendyent.com. Each week, we’ll choose five lucky winners and display them here in our Digest.

Courtesy of Agent Getzu

Courtesy of Stefneh

Courtesy of Ика

Courtesy of KEV1N

Courtesy of Christopher I.

Previously on Dungeon Defenders

Community Member of the week: KeenJammin — In this week’s Community Member of the Week, we chose “KeenJammin” for his dedication to Dungeon Defenders, how playing online with friends makes everything better and how Dungeon Defenders changed his view of tower defense games

Meet the Trendy Team: Aleasha Ford — In this week’s Meet the Trendy Team, we spoke with 3D Artist Aleasha Ford about what she does at Trendy, adapting to different workflows, and her love of art.

Trendy Friday Fun: Returnia Shards Sponsored Event — This past Friday, we played on the new Returnia Shards Sponsored Event map; Return to Mistymire. We had various PC event hosts join us in tackling this event with us. PC Event Host and map maker Mischief was also on hand to answer all your questions.

As mentioned above, we have a lot of neat stuff planned for you guys this coming month so stay tuned to find out what they are!

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