Free Steam Halloween DLC Out Now

Celebrate Halloween with everyone on TrendyNet!

For the next two weeks, you can grab our spooky Halloween Mission Pack DLC for free! This pack contains new 2012 content and last year’s Halloween surprises. In addition to the Mission Pack, last year’s Halloween Costume Pack is free. Go to this page and this page to get the Mission Pack and Costume Pack, respectively. Click Install Game on each DLC to ensure that the frights and fun are yours forever.

Now updated for 2012, this Halloween Mission Pack contains:

  • 1 new Spooktacular Challenge Mission
  • 8 Halloween accessories
  • 1 new unlockable Halloween Eternia Crystal
  • 2 new achievements

  • Plus, the previous Halloween Mission Pack contents:

  • 1 new Halloween-themed mission
  • 8 exclusive Halloween weapons
  • 4 ultra-rare, unlockable character skins