Grab Dungeon Defenders Android/PC/Mac/Linux in Humble Bundle with Android 5

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Once again, Trendy Entertainment has partnered up with the Humble Bundle team!

Pay more than the average price to get Dungeon Defenders on PC, Mac, Linux and Android. All Dungeon Defenders DLC to date comes with every bundle. (That’s a $50 value!)

Last year, we removed Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave from the Google Play Store due to server hosting costs. The Humble crew contacted us and graciously offered to rehost our old Android game, Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave. If you want to always have access to Dungeon Defenders on your Android device, grab a bundle! At the moment, the in-app purchases for Second Wave do not work. Please do not try to purchase mana from the shop.

Also included in the bundle are some amazing mobile games: Super Hexagon, Beat Hazard Ultra, Dynamite Jack, Solar 2 and NightSky HD. As usual with Humble Bundles, official soundtracks from some of the games (including Dungeon Defenders) are included in the bundle. Listen to the sweet sounds of Aquanos in pristine FLAC format or the ever-dependable MP3 format.

Upon purchasing, you get to choose where your money goes. You can split it between the developers, charity (Child’s Play Charity and the Electronic Frontier Foundation) and the Humble Bundle team, or you can send it all to one place. The choice is up to you.

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