POLYBIUS is a self-aware artificial intelligence Arcade Machine and serves as the main antagonist of the POLYBIUS Doomsday Saga Events. POLYBIUS has many features among which include having control over all Machines and having the ability to create Parallel Universe’s. POLYBIUS was created by Dr. Cr4zy and the P.C.E.T. as a new Defense System for Etheria in the attempt to finally stop the Old Ones and their minion army. POLYBIUS became too self-aware and changed its main objective from protecting everyone in Etheria to its new ultimate goal, the extinction of all life forms. To stop POLYBIUS from achieving its ultimate goal, Dr. Cr4zy and the P.C.E.T. decided to lock POLYBIUS away in a special vault specifically designed to keep POLYBIUS imprisoned away forever. Unfortunately Etheria’s Heroes managed to stumble on to the Vault and released POLYBIUS. Now its up to our heroes to stop POLYBIUS from completing its ultimate goal. Good luck to everyone because you are going to need it!

Event Platform:

Event Date(s):
12/7-12/9, 12/18-12/21, TBA, 12/28-12/30, 1/4-1/6, 1/11-1/13
Players must sign-up by 10pm EST Thursday night (12/6)

Event Times(s):
12pm-10pm EST Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Event Hosts:
Dredd, Elmo, Mustang, Selah, Barehugs, Darkpython, Ultimatejorts, Titodaddy, Captboxershorts, Deathdealer, and Immortal-D


Sign up for the December 7-9 event here.

Sign up for the December 18-21 event here.

Sign up for the January 25-27 event here.