Trendy Friday Fun: Returnia Shards Part II

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This week we’re tackling Part II of the Returnia Shards. This map, called Return to Morrago, will have us brave the sandy city of ancient Djinn. Only the bravest of heroes can conquer the unrelenting heat in order to pass through the city walls. Once inside, that’s when the real danger and adventure begins.

Help @laurawantsacow and @iamisom battle much more than the harsh desert sand and sun. We will also have PC Event Host and map maker Mischief in the stream to aide us and answer all your questions. Join our livestream at Twitch today to learn more about this new Morrago map.

The Returnia Shards Events now run from Saturday to Tuesday, and sign-up threads will remain open until 11:59 p.m. EST Friday night. If you wish to sign up now, visit this link and follow the instructions. A link to the map on the Steam Workshop will be available after the stream, so stay tuned.

We will also be giving away free Dungeon Defenders Steam codes of your choice every 10 minutes during the livestream. To enter, all you have to do is say something, anything, in the chat.